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Axis. The word itself, from a Tango perspective, typically has come to refer to an idea of balance and/or equilibrium. Usually when this word is used it’s used as a blaming tool to describe someone’s inability to be stable, or balanced, or to reference that they’re hanging, pulling, or pushing. It is a wholly inaccurate way of talking about these things. Further still when talking about ‘axis’ in relation to the human body, your body has 6 Axes. Which one ? The assumption is the Longitudinal Axis is the one that we’re after. However, that axis changes with a few variables. Most notably which foot you’re standing on, as well as where you are in relationship to your partner. The closer you are to your partner it’s no longer a singular longitudinal axis, but rather a shared longitudinal axis that may be invoked or used, and depending on which foot that you’re on it will change as well. Axis isn’t what you think it is. Click the link for more information.

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