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Follower Technique Bundle


Follower Technique for Turns (and really everything else).

Let’s be clear about something — the role of the Follower is insanely difficult! Most Leads believe that it’s really simple…just walking backwards. How hard is that !?!?!? Until they do they job themselves, they have no idea what goes into it. Furthermore what makes it even more challenging is when they have a Lead that is pushing, pulling, compressing the embrace, and yapping about ‘resistance’. Then they’re being rushed around the floor, with their Lead/er telling them how to do X, Y, and Z, all the while, walking backwards AND IN HEELS!!!!  Oy! Good luck with that.

Challenging ? Doesn’t even begin to cover it. More than a few followers understand that:

1.) The role of the Follower is usually poorly clarified aside from ‘wait‘.
2.) There are precious few details about how they are to execute something aside from walking backwards (and even that’s in short supply or unclear or there aren’t that many clearly defined resources on the topic).
3.) The technique classes that they’re given last about an hour and that’s it. 🙁 And here’s the kicker: They are expected to perform with very little knowledge about how to do their job!

Now add to this the information on ‘Turns‘, and it becomes almost a ‘black art‘! Almost every turn in Tango regardless of whether or not it’s in the molinete family of turns or the milonguero turn varieties, consists of the same 3 basic ideas. 1.) Keeping in front of your Lead, 2.) Staying with your Lead. 3.) Forward, Side, Back in some form or another. And yet it is the Turn information that is required the most in today’s tango world because Tango has become a turning dance, and not necessarily a ‘walking‘ dance!

This video goes into the baseline of those 3 basic tenants and then sets about showing you the detailed technique that you will want to practice every day with regards to those 3 steps. Furthermore, it shows you the detailed technique of how specifically you need to extend your leg, how to land your foot, and what has to happen to your body within the construct of the embrace. This may sound simple, doing it on the other hand…not so much with that.

You’re gonna ask yourself, what does a guy know about Follower Tango Technique ? Answer…quite a bit. As you’ll see gender doesn’t really matter here, it’s all in the baseline technique of how X, Y, and Z is accomplished!

Click on the Images to see Sample videos 

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Included in this Video – Run Time: 2hr. 30 min 
in 18 sections. Follower technique is the bulk of this video.

Collection – (00:01:19)
Forward Steps – Footwork (00:03:03)

Forward Steps – Extension (00:02:21)
Side Steps – Footwork (00:01:21)
Side Steps – Linear (00:04:02)
Side Steps – Circular (00:03:30)
Back Steps – Extension (00:06:23)
Back Steps – Circular (00:04:26)
Back Steps – Footwork (00:05:48)
“Opening” The Hip (00:04:00)
Posture – Send/Counter-Send (00:05:53)
Molinete – Level 1 (00:13:33)
Traveling Ocho Technique/Exercise (00:15:32)
Milonguero Ocho Exercise (00:09:38)
The Follower’s Molinete – All the Details (00:21:58)
The Milonguero Turn – Body Details (00:04:43)
The Milonguero Turn – Footwork (00:10:20)
Errors #1 (00:05:06)

This video does not include embellishment or adornment foundations.

No Pre-Requisites. Although it would be a good idea to purchase the following items.

1.) Foundation Bundle
2.) Embrace Bundle
3.) Open Embrace Molinete
4.) Close Embrace Molinete
5.) The Milonguero Turn