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The word itself has 3 possible definitions as it relates to Argentine Tango. 1.) A Musical Style or Genre which is typically 2 beats in a 4 beat measure time signature. 2.) A particular Style of Dance which matches the style of music. Historically speaking the MUSIC of Milonga (which predates Tango music) created the dance and style of music that we think of today. However, it should be noted that Milonga ‘Portena’ is last iteration of the Style of Milonga music and could not have created Tango as we know it today. No, that honor goes to its progenitor Milonga Criolla! 3.) The Event that we dance at, a Tango dance party.

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on Dec 31, 2020 at 12:01 Tango Topics will cease operation

The site will go dark, and ALL of its content will disappear in short order right after that.

What will happen to all of the content I’ve built over the last 5 years ?
It will get stored on a hard drive and it will not see the light of day after that.

What about all the content aside from the videos ? I will retain a working copy of the site, but the site will get deleted.

If you want more information, please visit this link.

If you would like to purchase the entire tangotopics library, the fee is $2500 US for a personal license. Please send a message to: sales@tangotopics.com 

Otherwise, thanks for reading.