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Default. Typically this refers to what a Dancer will go back to what they know, or is familiar with, without conscious thought or reason.  They’re completely unaware that they’re doing ‘X’ at all. Where ‘X’ could be, but is not limited to, Unintended Motion, Head Tilt, Compression, Tension, Force, Pressure, Unled Argentine Crosses, Unled Traveling Ochos, Unled Follower’s Molinetes, etc just to name a few. While this definition usually applies to the Follower, mostly, it can and does apply to a Lead that goes on ‘autopilot’. Default Behavior, as it is sometimes referred to as, is also indicative of a Lead that is repetitive in their movements. While sometimes the Default Behavior could be attributed to fear in the line of dance, it’s mostly default behavior, their habit, stuff/vocabulary that is familiar to them and they’ll continue to do it until someone explains it to them not to do so anymore.

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