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Crosses – Floating, Rotating, Linear Back Crosses

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Floating, Rotating, and Linear Back Crosses.

First and foremost, there are other types ‘crosses’, loads of them. It’s just that most people’s experience of a cross is usually the Argentine variety. This video goes over the 3 most common types of crosses from a Leading and Following perspective: Linear Crosses, Floating Crosses, and Rotating Crosses.

These crosses form a cornerstone of Tango ‘waiting’ vocabulary or standing in place vocabulary. Meaning that if the Lead is stuck in one place and wants to keep the Follower moving then, this is a really great piece of vocabulary to have in their back pocket. Furthermore, any one or all 3 ideas are simply great musical expression ideas. Either by themselves or in concert with other pieces of vocabulary! The video also delves into not just one side of a linear or floating, or rotating Back Cross but their Dark Side kissin’ cousins!

For the Follower: Unlike most technique videos, this video does go over, and in great detail, into Follower technique, which is required for all three of these pieces to function properly. While the Lead (the person, and not the action) can force a cross in any number of ways, it’s far more desirable for the Follower to know what to do with that lead (the action) to make these crosses visually desirable.

About the Video: It comes in 11 sections at a total runtime length of  32 min and 45 sec.
1.) Opening – 00:01:53
2.) Back Cross Foundation – 00:02:53
3.) Linear Back Cross – 00:03:47
(uses step-half step entry)
4.) Linear Back Cross Example – 00:00:44
5.) Continual Linear Back Crosses – 00:03:28
6.) Dark Side Crosses – 00:03:45
7.) Floating Back Cross – 00:02:04
8.) Floating Back Cross – Usage – 00:01:46
9.) Rotating Back Crosses – 00:03:07
10.) Follower Technique – 00:06:28
11.) Follower Safety – 00:01:50