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The Vee Embrace. This way of dancing, and embracing ones partner has been around for a long, long while at this point. There are two primary variations of the embrace format, 1.) an Open Vee. 2.) a Closed Vee. Put simply the Vee Embrace is where the partnership is anywhere from a 70 to 90 degree angle perpendicular to each other. In this embrace construct the Lead is placing the Follower on the Lead’s right side of their rib cage, in the armpit of the Lead.

The Vee Embrace looks and operates in a very similar manner to Open Embrace or a Berlin Embrace. All of the benefits of Open are there, being that there are lots of vocabulary choices. The problem is that nearly 95% of the Follower’s execution of their vocabulary (molinetes, crosses, ochos) will be linear or oblong, and generally ‘unclean’, think dirty crosses.

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