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The Follower’s Molinete is considered to be the common turn of Argentine Tango. This is the turn that is taught at the beginning of most foundation courses. It is one of 8 possible turn types that is usually taught and danced. The turn consists of a disassociative Backstep, a ‘circular’ Side step, and a disassociative Forward step, all done around, not away, from the L/lead. The turn can be done in Open Embrace, Vee Embrace, Berlin Embrace, or Close Embrace formats, each with varying levels of challenge and easefulness.

At the same time, it should be noted that typically this particular turn is the ‘expected’ turn of most Followers, it is by no means the only turn. At the same time it should also be noted that while there is a Follower’s component, there is also the Lead’s Giro that goes with it that comprises the entire Molinete construct.

Lastly, it should be noted that while there is a Follower’s Molinete, there is also the Lead’s version of this construct as well: A Lead Molinete!

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