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Tanda. This is a series of songs, in the same style or genre, by the same orchestra. Sometimes with the same singer, bracketed by a Cortina.

Tanda Length: Typically and historically speaking, the length of a Tanda has been 3 songs. However, it is becoming more and more common to simulate a Tango Marathon environment from a dancing perspective. As such, a good portion of Tango DJs are/have switched to a 4 song Tanda. Typically a song is about 2.5 minutes in length to 3 minutes. So a 3 song tanda would have been about 8 to 9 minutes. A 4 song tanda means 10 to 12 minutes that you’ll be dancing in someone’s embrace.

Style or Genre: Typically the style is matched in either Tango, Milonga, or Vals. Meaning ? That there are (assuming a 3 song tanda) 3 tangos, 3 milongas, or 3 valses in a tanda.

Important Beginner Note: When asking someone for a dance (with Cabeceo, or indicating via Mirada), you are not asking for a single song. You are asking for the entire length of the tanda!  Cabeceo Mirada

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