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Private Party. This is a weird event type. It’s not an Encuentro, a Marathon, a Milonga, a Festival or Festivalito (a little tiny festival). However, it encompasses portions of the Encuentro, Marathon, and Milonga but not the Festival. These things are usually invite only. They’re very gender, role, skill and personality balanced.  Which is to say that if you have issues X, and X is invited you may find yourself uninvited because X has a tighter relationship with the organizer than you do. There isn’t a whole lot of registration that goes on with these things, but an agreement to help out with expenses to pay for the dance space and the food/lodging for the weekend or event. There may be food, there may be lodging, but don’t expect wonders. Be thankful there’s a roof over your head and food in your stomach so that you can do the one thing that you’re there to do: DANCE. Because that’s what these events are designed to do…to come and to dance!

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