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Leadsplaining. This the act of ‘Mansplaining‘, only from the perspective of a Tango Lead. Usually this is done in long textual descriptions, if online, to over explain to a Follower how much information they are lacking. Or if in person, verbally, usually done while dancing with a Follower to ‘correct‘ (ahem) their lack of understanding about what they’re being led (ahem) to do.

Tango Topics does not condone this action. This is teaching on a social dance floor by an unsolicited teacher, with unsolicited feedback. It breaks Tango codigos. We do not, under any circumstance, correct someone’s dancing skills, while dancing with them while at a Milonga. Nor ask for feedback, nor present feedback in any way, shape, or form while at a Milonga. A Tango practica, possibly, if feedback was asked for. And consent is given. A class, maybe, but under the same conditions. But never, ever a Social Dance/Milonga.

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