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Golden Nugget – Extensions


The Golden Nugget of Tango. It is everything you’ll ever need to learn about Argentine Tango (from a foundation perspective) in a 31 minute video. Golden Nugget Extensions, takes the idea of the Nugget and adds a little nuance – Extensions. Playing with Lead and Follower extensions, and as well to extend the functionality of the Golden Nugget by adding variances to the Argentine Cross, as well as Applied Disassociation. This video is in 9 parts and shows you in 14 minutes and 39 seconds of HD video just how you can really modify and add a great deal of nuance to not to just the Golden Nugget, but really any piece of vocabulary, by adding Extension Play or playing with your dance partner’s leg extensions.

What’s Included ? 

Part 1 – Review.
Part 2 – Side Extensions (the Open Step).
Part 3 – Back/Forward Extensions. 
Part 4 – Disassociation Review
Part 5 – Applied Disassociation for the Lead!
Part 6 – Call and Response.
Part 7 – Ideas!
Part 8 – The Cross.
Part 9 – Working Example.

Pre-Requisites ? The Golden Nugget, Foundation, and Walking Systems.

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