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The Argentine Wrap sometimes called by its proper name, an Enganche, is most decidedly outside the Seven Basic Moves that you’ll see with regards to Argentine Tango. But it’s not so far removed that you’ll wonder ‘WTF was THAT’. The reality is, as far as we see it, that it is ‘Specialty’ vocabulary, meaning that it doesn’t get used that often and that certain default behaviors must be overridden in order for it to work properly. The Wrap is learned behavior for both Lead and Follow. This wrap above is done from Parallel Walking System which also should invite you to ask, is there a Cross System version or series of versions ? And the answer is “YES!”. Further still you should also ask the question, are there more than just this type of Wrap ? Yup! About 10 more actually. This is only one of a small family of Wraps. But unfortunately for you, because this is not simple vocabulary, it is not something that you just watch a few times and it should magically work. No. There’s a reason why this stuff works, and a very specific reason at that. Which is a lovely segue and reminder to you to follow the link below. If you register (which is free!!!, just scroll down) you can read about the Leading, Following, and Dancing Perspectives which can help you to understand the vocabulary a bit more. But if you subscribe (please) you can see the complete video and more including every video on the site, for one price!

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