For the better portion of Tango dancers the very idea of 'detail' work is just too much work. It's too much, too difficult, an effort to remember. Oy! Yet that same work is what sets the better dancer apart.

'Detail' work in this case means execution of vocabulary is either done with sharp, crisp clarity or in a 'sloppy' manner. 'Detail' work can also mean a 'cleanliness' in one's posture, hands, fingers, head, hips, knees, and feet. Speaking of feet, there are two areas that come to mind when discussing 'detail' work. One is Collection, and still another is Articulation.

From a Leading perspective Articulation defines the presentation of the Follower's movements. Because the Lead is leading, they're quite literally pointing the way towards something else. So it stands to reason that their foot Articulation has to be ... well, POINTING! Hence the Articulation part. 🙂

From a Following perspective Articulation of one's feet quite factually defines the elegance of one's footwork in adornments and embellishments. The more one Articulates, the more one 'sells' the shoes as it were, and the move, and in a larger sense...the couple! And by 'sell', meaning that the visual presentation is seen as very desirable.

From a Dancing perspective, the more that a couple pays attention to this insanely simple detail, the more elegant that they become, visually (to a degree). The body 'lines' of the couple become sharper and more distinct. The areas of posture, and presentation change dramatically due to the Articulation. Try it sometime and see if you can see a simple change in your posture, how you walk, how you interpret the music, simply by Articulating your feet as you walk. ©Tango Topics.