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Presence. This is a Tango Topics construct. It refers to the first part of any step in the Foundation process for Tango Topics. Presence itself consists of 4 states that will occur before and during any step that may occur.

1.) Feet in Social Collection.
2.) Micro-Compression in the Knees.
3.) Elongated Spinal Column.
4.) Focusing on our Breath.

While these words are descriptors, it’s important you actually go and watch the video on this topic, as the topical descriptors are brief here and only touch the surface.

These 4 states must be achieved with conscious and conscientious active behavior constantly in every step. In many ways Presence is like a canvas that we’re going to paint on. That canvas must be clean. And that’s exactly what you’re doing with Presence, creating a clean slate for your dance on.

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