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The Delicious Follower is a type of Follower is light years beyond a Passive Follower, in the way that Tango Topics defines the role of the Passive Follower. And it’s also a monster step up from the Role of the Active Follower. There is no Force or Tension in this dancers embrace. This is what most Followers aspire towards. It’s marriage of Active Follower (as defined by Tango Topics) combined with the ability to make things feel delightful and easeful but in a very controlled and contained way that not only fits musically but also kinesthetically! It’s the kinesthetics that we’re after here more than anything else. It’s about how things feel physiologically, tactile-ly, and the way in which we move in our executions that should feel effortless and easeful, but at the same time, feel crisp but without effort. That is a tall order. It’s not easily achieved except with a lot of practice. It should be noted that while the role of the Follower is historically female this term is not a dismissive or sexualized term in any way. It is more of a descriptive of the experience that the Follower is trying to generate with their embrace, their movements, and their musical intentions. See also > Active Follower, and Passive Follower.

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