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The Baldosa Box is a term that is used, usually, to describe a very specific pattern of steps that is used primarily to dancing Milonga, but can also be used in Tango and Vals as well. The term ‘Baldosa‘ comes from a very specific type of Ceramic Tile. The tile is usually placed in either 2 or 3 colored tiles and then checkered, something similar to this idea:

The idea is that as a Lead, you dance inside the colored spaces and keep your dance contained to that and nothing else. The thinking goes that if you can do this, you’re a very skilled dancer. This is what Dancing In A Small Space (DIASS) is really all about comes from!

The Baldosa Pattern goes like this:

Lead Follow
❶ Back with the Right ① Forward with the Left
❷ Side with the Left ② Side with the Right
❸ Foward with the Right – stepping outside partner ③ Backward with the Left – crossing the meridian
❹ Weight Change to Left ④ Led Weight Change to Right
❺ Side with the Right – Weight Change to Left ⑤ Side with the Left – Weight Change to Right
❻ Back with the Right ⑥ Forward with the Left

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