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There are several reasons why the ‘Ass’ Out Follower occurs: 1.) This is taught as a ‘technique’. 2.) Several prominent followers ‘appear’ to do this when they are dancing. 3.) Some people are just built like this. 4.) Sexuality. It’s this last one that deserves a little attention. The reason why some followers do this is purely a learned response to unwanted sexual excitation. Or purely a puritanical reasoning – out of sight out of mind! Or in this case, the further away, the better to not inciting the possibility of said excitation occurring. As a result of this thought being in the back of, and now the front – especially if said excitation has happened to them several times – the Follower develops a habit of keeping their hips back and away from their Lead. Which as a result creates an ‘arched’ back, or muscular tension in the lumbar region, and thereby creates ‘stress’ up the spinal column, and then well into the shoulders, and down the arms. This becomes a way of moving after a while and becomes someone’s default.

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