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Lead Technique Video Bundle


Lead Technique. There are many aspects to Leading a Follower. But none more important than the visual architecture of what we look like in the role of the Lead. This seven part video series goes into great detail with regards to the lead’s walk, their extensions, their foot placement, walking entries, sacada entries, turns, ochos, and cross body positions, and transitions. And most of all it discusses the Lead’s embrace from their arm and hand positions (left and right), as well as head position, body posture, and positions that are desirable for the role of the Lead.

This video series is 101 Minutes of HD Quality (in 9 parts) over seven sections is available for you to download and view over and over again to refine your abilities and to change how you do what you do with regards to your lead.

Included in the Lead Technique Video Series:

101 – Overview – 23:21 Minutes
102 – Opposition – 17:38 Minutes
103 – Extensions – 4:09 Minutes
104 – Foot Placement – 5:51 Minutes
105 – Entry Paths – Walking – Section A – 3:00 Minutes
106 – Entry Paths – Sacadas – Section B – 2:03 Minutes
107 – Embrace – 14:56 Minutes
108 – Repositioning – 17:44 Minutes
109 – Enrosque Foundations – 12:21 Minutes