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Prepare for Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires for a lot of people, is their trip to Mecca. It is mythological. It is magical. It is the next logical step in their evolution. In their mind they have seen the videos of dancing at Salon Canning, or Villa Malcolm (pron: Vee-Jah Mal-cum), or the crowded floor at La Viruta with 300 other people, or seen the sunday nights at Villa Malcolm, or the ‘practica’ at De Queresa, or Cachirulo, or La Glorieta, or La Catedral, or any of the hundred plus milongas and practicas per week there, and dreamt of what that must be like. And then to actually be there and then they’re hit with the reality of ‘Oh shit!’ I’m dancing in Buenos Aires! It’s right about at that point when they see the quality of dance, and the speed of the rotunda, that several things happen for them. Fear comes to mind, then excitation, and then more fear (for a different reason), and then hoping that you can manage the floor (as a Lead or a Follow). It’s right then that they wished they had studied harder or paid for privates with the visiting argentine instructor, and they try to remember everything they’ve ever been taught. They conveniently realize that they’ve not spent anytime Preparing For Dancing in Buenos Aires.

Dancing In A Crowded or Small Space. It should be noted that while this 5 point guide is on the technical aspects of dancing in Buenos Aires, it should and can also be applied for Dancing in a Crowded or Small Space. The techniques are exactly the same that are described here in this video. The skillsets laid out herein are not only the same but even more applicable because while you’ll only dance in BsAs once per year (if you’re lucky) and only for a few short weeks (sadly), you’ll definitely visit a crowded milonga anywhere in the world far more often! Learning how to manage the floor, manage your space, introduce simple but clear and small vocabulary from a leading perspective as well as from a following perspective is absolutely crucial to your continued success as a dancer! 

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From a Following Perspective, you’ll walk in the door, pay your pesos, try to find a chair, maybe share a chair with another girl, and then on the edge of the seat put your shoes on, and then get all situated and try to find someone, that maybe looking to dance with you. You watch the room, you’ll start scanning the room for leads. Potential partners. You’ll watch the leads that are dancing. And it’s at this point you’ll start to pay attention. And you freak right out. “Oh my God!! He’s so good.”, you’ll say as one passes by.  You’ll watch the Followers feet thinking your feet don’t look like that. Your insecurities will come up in ways you haven’t even thought of yet. It’s right about this point that you’ll wonder if there was some way you could have prepared to be here because this is so unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. So many people, not even the festivals that you may have attended are like this. Yes it’s all tango but not like this. Never like this. So many people and so tightly packed together. You wonder if they have any space at all to move and how you’re supposed to dance in that without stepping on someone ? If only you had a resource that could have showed you what dancing in Buenos Aires is like, what you needed to focus on, how your turns want to be and what to study. If only you had had a few more privates with X, or a few more lessons with Y, watched a few more youtube videos.

From a Leading Perspective, let’s get something out of the way immediately – your ego is going to be crushed. From the very first second, from the very first song, from the very first moment you get a Follower on the floor, every insecurity you’ve ever had is going to come up for you. One question will burn in your mind “What do I do now ?”. Naturally, you dance at this point. And you tense up trying to do your best Buenos Aires elegant dance that you can think of times 10! However, you’re freaking out right now. The distance between the partners, the speed at which the rotunda is moving, the follower in your arms and the way they’re moving, it’s sooooo very different than what you’re used to. Holy geeze! This isn’t dancing. It’s survival! You fall back on one thing, rock steps…everywhere. Walking a little, and turning…thank god for turning otherwise you’re going to hit someone. Wait! Everyone stopped moving. She’s talking at you, asking your name, it’s all a buzz, and then you sort of calm down and tell her where you’re from and conversation ensues. Then people start moving again, why are they moving ? The couple behind you is quite literally bumping into you. You better start dancing….oh there’s MUSIC playing. You didn’t hear it before. There was music playing. Christ! About the only thing you heard was the throbbing in your head and you trying to remember everything your teacher has ever said, that and the voice in heard head screaming “WATCH OUT!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?!?!? WATCH IT, WATCH IT….YOU”RE GOING TO GET HER KILLED!!!!”. If only you had had a resource, a video or two, that could have helped you with Preparing For Dancing in Buenos Aires….



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From a Dancing Perspective, the reality is that all of those things are going to happen to you and more. The reality is that you’re going to move 2 feet in a tanda, and that’s a lot. The reality is that you’re going to spend 30% to 40% of the tanda talking (http://bit.ly/912-talktime) and not dancing. The reality is that you’re going to rock back and forth (bad idea), a lot, even if you think you know what you’re supposed to be doing. The reality is that you’re going to squeeze the living daylights out of your partners because that’s what you’ve experienced, when of course there is another way to dance. The bottom line is that dancing in Buenos Aires IS different than dancing anywhere else. Some of it is some of the stuff above, and some of it is not. But mostly it is not a walking dance in Buenos Aires, but in fact a turning dance. The reality is that almost no one teaches this, your head will get filled with all sorts of ‘stuff’ that has nothing to do with this important factoid. Very few people talk about this because it means losing money. Dancing in BsAs is constantly changing, the milongas, the experience, the people, the constant turn over. People coming and going constantly. It’s like stepping into the middle of a conversation and not knowing what the topic of conversation is and then trying to participate except that you know the language, sort of, and can sort of follow the discussion. That is dancing in Buenos Aires at the 50,000 foot level. Dancing in BsAs isn’t about passion, or emotion, or the hundreds of classes that you have or will take that you’ll forget after you’ve taken then (useless waste of time that will screw you up more than fix you or educate you), it’s about the neurology of learning to dance in tight small spaces, learning to dance economically, without force, without compression, without pressure, without tension, with ease, and incrementally. It’s about learning to hear the small. Learning to hear the incremental. Learning to respond to the smaller and much more incremental. This isn’t about big steps, but small ones, tiny ones, learning to hear the music, probably for the first time and to dance to it within this environment of hyper speed, and the incrementally small, and the seemingly infinitesimal spaces that you will ‘dance’ in. This isn’t about vocabulary, it’s about less is more in time to the music. And in order to do that, you either need to spend several month theres, OR you need a primer to Prepare For Dancing in Buenos Aires.

Check Please! The video above is only a small snippet of the HD video (run time: 19:11). It only shows 2 very small pieces of the overall video. If you want more, you can purchase access to the page itself for the sale price of $14.99. You will not be able to download the video, only a gold, gold+, or diamond level subscriber can download this video at this point. After your purchase, you will have access to this video and the url itself.

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If you haven’t seen the reviews of places to dance in BsAs, then you really should look at them, they’ll help you to prepare. While there are a just a few now, more are coming, a lot more!

La Viruta – Tuesdays through Sundays, 12 to 5 am!
Salon Canning – Mondays & Thursdays, from 10 to 4 am!
DNI Practica – Saturdays from 4 to 8pm. 
Next -> Villa Malcolm – Sunday Nights – 10 to 2am

Paying For The Soup – There’s no doubt about it Dancing Buenos Aires is going to blow your mind on multiple levels. It will challenge you. Scare you. Excite you. Confound you. And make you wonder why on earth you just spent 1500 on a plane ticket, another 900 to 1200 on an apartment for 2 weeks (2 weeks mind you), all so that you could go to a milonga and sit with 400 other women hoping to get a dance with X, or Y, or Z. Or as a Lead, you’ll get dances but almost none of them will be that magical thing you’ve heard some much about. You’ll still be you, and nothing about what you’re doing will change. No class can change you. You have to want to change what you’re doing in order to make it better. But you also have to know what to focus on so that you can change. Today’s video is exactly that and more. It shows you what you need to focus on, and the 5 areas where you need to create clarity in your dance and what you should expect on a social dance floor from the moment go and most of all how to Prepare For Dancing in Buenos Aires.

Put this another way, you can read the articles here and sort of glean some important information with a tip now and again, but the fact is that you need cold, hard, facts of what you need to do and what you need to focus on as a Lead and as a Follower. And the only way that’s going to happen is if you subscribe to Tango Topics today. It costs just .66 cents a day to subscribe. .66 cents! That’s it. That’s all. Think of what you spend on coffee ? Or what does a single class a month cost you ? 15 dollars ? 4 of them in a month ? 80+ and that’s not including private lessons or Milongas or Practicas. Now add in the fact that you can’t video the entire class for replay, just the end piece if that from which you’re supposed to derive the meaning of class ? Good luck with that. The moment you walk out the door you’ll immediately forget 90% of what you ‘learned’. What’s the point in that ? It’s a waste of money and time. When there is a far more efficient method – Tango Topics. Hit the green button and register, and then upgrade to either gold, gold plus, diamond, or milongeuro level today! Think of if this way, free is nice, but all the toys are behind the paywall kiddies. That said….I look forward to seeing you in class!


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