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It’s been over a decade since I started teaching, and in that time I have learned a lot about how to train someone to dance. A few years into the process of learning how to teach someone to dance I ran across a very strange and wonderful idea: Intensive Study. How to train someone to dance in a shorter amount of time WITHOUT all the errors that they generally make. I picked 12 students at various levels of development and began a year-long process of teaching them to dance. What resulted was some successes and some clear failures. I learned an enormous amount from that process of intensive study. Over the last 8 years, I have refined, focused, and paired down the process into a system of 3 levels that take about a year to complete if someone sticks with it.

I am now offering a 180-hour Teacher Training Course broken up into 6 modules spread out over six 30 HOUR jam-packed weekends (see dates below). In this course, I show you the techniques I use for teaching people how to dance, what and where I start a student off with and why. I show you how to give a private lesson. How to build a class. How to demonstrate a topic. How to get people to communicate effectively. I show you the foundations, techniques, and skills I use to train someone to become a social dancer. Through the Intensive Process I teach not only technique, but history, codigos, and most of all my process for learning the music. In my Teacher Training Course, I show you all of this and more.

What can you expect ?

An intensive study seminar with lots of hands-on time with in-class practice, tutorials, manuals (where appropriate), videos, and teaching guide (see curriculum below). Access to my entire library of technique videos for 2 years. Interesting discussions with other participants, lots of sweat, lunch, and snacks will be provided, and lots of fun! During the 180 hours (6 weekends – 30 hrs each) I will share my insights into my technique and pedagogy, as well as musical analysis, management and issues concerning the development of Tango communities.

The Tango Topics Teacher Training Curriculum Overview.

Each section is 30 hours in length, starts on a Friday afternoon, until Sunday afternoon.

– Module 1 – Teaching the Tango Topics Foundation
This module shows you what vocabulary to start with, and where you want to go with it.

– Module 2 – Analytics: Analysis, Feedback, and Deconstruction in Private Lessons.
Of all the things I teach this module is probably the single most important aspect of creating progress in a student, how to diagnose a problem and then apply specific language that helps you to help someone else to change their dance.

– Module 3 – Teaching Music – How to teach the music, the Tango Topics way!
At some point we have to talk about how to teach Tango music, and that is the focus of this weekend, while there will be dancing and movement, we will mostly be focused on our listening skills.

– Module 4 – Teaching Specific Vocabulary Topics
How to teach very specific pieces of Tango vocabulary: Volcadas, Colgadas, Sacadas, Wraps, and Boleos. While there are specifics to all pieces of Tango vocabulary they do share commonalities. These commonilities can be taught and replicated. This weekend session shows you those commonalities and how they apply to each specific vocabulary.

– Module 5 – Creating Class & Seminar Dynamics
The Class Module is all about how to set up a class that is successful and gives the student lots of opportunities try out a particular movement to music, without music, and how to structure the gender dynamics for maximum success!

– Module 6 – Social Media, Video, & Marketing
The Marketing Module. All the information in the world about how to teach what you know is all fine and good but the fact is that you need to know how to market yourself. I show you several methods on how to do that effectively using social media (twitter, facebook, instagram), employing video and video production techniques and tools


I believe that the perfect group to study this process is no more than 12 participants. Couples and Individuals are accepted.  The seminar series takes place in Boston, Massachusetts. You must have been dancing a minimum of 3 to 5 years as a social dancer. This course is not for performance in any way, shape, or form. It is only to teach you how to teach Argentine Tango to a group of people. The course will be taught at various locations throughout the city so getting a place that’s close to the venue may not be possible. Maps, locations, and transport information will be provided as we get closer to each date.


A $500.00 non-refundable deposit must be paid at the time of signup, and then the remainder can be paid upon arrival through bank check or credit card payment. All purchases are final, there are and will be no refunds. The Full fee for the entire course is $3750.00.

Seminar Dates.  The Teaching Training Seminars will take place on the following dates in 2 groups in 2019:

Group 1 – 2019
Module 1 – Jan: 4-7
Module 2 – Feb: 1-4
Module 3 – Mar 1-4
Module 4 – Apr: 5-8
Module 5 – May: 3-6
Module 6 – Jun: 7-10
Group 2 – 2019
Module 1 – Jan: 12-15
Module 2 – Feb: 23-26
Module 3 – Mar 9-12
Module 4 – Apr: 20-23
Module 5 – May: 25-28
Module 6 – Jun: 22-25


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