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Below are facebook group links by city and country, where tango is happening. Secondly, you’ll see a
list below for a series of Tango Groups where Tango is being discussed and shared. This list will be updated as time goes by,
so check back, and share this post with everyone you know. If you do not see your group or city listed, you can submit a listing here
Note: All Facebook Pages, or a Facebook Group promoting a singular milonga will not be accepted. Any submission must
be for a Facebook Group where there is community oriented discussion about local events and happenings.

Tango Cities & States – Facebook Group List:

North & Central America Cities (May include states or regions)
Ann Arbor, Anchorage, Austin, Boston (1), Boston (2), Brattleboro VTCalgary, Cape Cod (Region), Chicago, Colorado (Denver), Columbus, Costa Rica, Durango (Colorado), Edmonton, Fairbanks, FlagstaffGeorgia, HartfordHawaiiHouston, IthacaKansas City, Los Angeles (1), Los Angeles (2), Las Vegas, MiamiMemphis (1), Memphis (2)Mexico City, Montreal, NYC (1), NYC (2), NYC (3)New OrleansPhiladelphia, PittsburghPortlandProvidence, Reno, Seattle (1), Seattle (2), Seattle (3)San FranciscoSan DiegoSt.Louis, Tampa (1)Tampa (2)Toronto, Traverse City, Vancouver, Vermont (State), Washington DC, Winnipeg

Another Resource for Tango Happenings, Practicas, Milongas in the United States: Tango Mango!
Looking for an up-to-date Marathon and Encuentro Listing ? Look at the Tango Marathon Directory.
Looking for an updated yearly list of Encuentros ? Look at Melina Sedo’s list of Encuentros.

Tango Facebook Groups List:
Key: Op = Open, Ci = Other City Group, Co = Country Group, Dg= Discussion Group – No Ads, Dga = Discussion Group with Ads,  = Closed Group, Qu = Questions to enter)

Tango in Italy (Op, Co, Dga), Tango in Italy Too (Op, Co, Dga), Italia Tango Events (Op, Dga), Tango in Belgium (Op, Dga),  Tango Belgium (Op, Dga), Tango Serbia (Op, Co, Dg), Republika Beograd (Op, Co, Dg), The Tango Social Revolution (Dg, Qu), Tango at the Beat (Cg, Dg), El Groupo Del Tango (Ci – Melbourne, Cg, Dg), Tango in the Balkans (Op, Co, Dga), Tango in the USA (Op, Co, Dga), Tango Events in Europe (Co, Op, Dga), Tango a Roma (Op, Co, Dga), Tango France (Op, Co, Dga), Tango Orlando (Op, Dga, Ci), Encuentro Events Only (Op, Dga), Tango in Vietnam (Op, Co, Dga), Where to dance in Berlin (Ci, Dg), United Tango (Dg), Yo Soy Milonguero (Op, Dga), United Tango Chicago (Ci, Op, Dga), Tango at Penn State (Cg, Dga), Tango Austria (Op, Co, Dga), Finland (Co, Dga), The Tango Spot (Op, Dga), Todo Tango Chicago (Op, Dga), Tango De Tres Paises  – NL, DE, BE (Op, Dga), SouthEast Tango (Op, Dga), Tango in Las Vegas (Op, Dga), Philadelphia Tango (Op, Dga), Milongueros (Op, Dga), Irish Tango (Cg, Dga), Tangueros (Op, Dga), Tango Germany (Cg, Dga), Tango Frankfurt (Op, Dga), Tango (Op, Dga), Tango Noticias (Op, Dga), Tangueros y Tangueras de Miami (Op, Dga), It’s Carlos Di Sarli (Op, Dg), Where to Dance in San Francisco ? (Op, Dg), Cabeceo (Op, Dg), NeoTango Events (Op, Dga), Berlin Tango Classes (Op, Dga), Queer Tango London (Op, Dga), TangoPolix Group (Op, Dga), Tango Poland (Op, Dga), Tango Portal – Germany, Festivals & Marathons (Op, Dga), Tango Too (Op, Dga), Tango In The Rheinland (Op, Dga), Tango Events in Poland (Op, Dga), Tango Embrace! (Op, Dg), Tangoville (Op, Dga), QueerTango Zurich (Op, Dga), Tango FFS (Op, Dg), Tu Tango (Op),  Yorkshire Argentine Tango Dance Community Group (Op).

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on Dec 31, 2020 at 12:01 Tango Topics will cease operation

The site will go dark, and ALL of its content will disappear in short order right after that.

What will happen to all of the content I’ve built over the last 5 years ?
It will get stored on a hard drive and it will not see the light of day after that.

What about all the content aside from the videos ? I will retain a working copy of the site, but the site will get deleted.

If you want more information, please visit this link.

If you would like to purchase the entire tangotopics library, the fee is $2500 US for a personal license. Please send a message to: sales@tangotopics.com 

Otherwise, thanks for reading.  

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