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6 Ways of Walking (Bundle)



If the Tango Walk is the foundation of the dance (it’s not, it’s the weight change), the real key to the dance are the walking systems of Tango.  Put another way you must learn how to walk, that’s the mechanics of forward, side, back. What you do with that walk is everything.

Most people believe, because it’s all that they’re shown, is that there are only 2 ways of walking: Parallel and Cross System. That’s an incomplete idea. There are in fact 6! Why so many ? Well there are a variety of reasons, but the biggest one has to do with a skill that we as Leads want to perfect: Facility! We want to be ready for anything, quite literally anything, that the Follower may do in response to an unclear lead, what we may have to do in response to the couples around us, or just for fun playing with aspects of the music because we can! From a Following perspective, while most of this stuff (most) is all Lead based, there are a few pieces of information in this video series that may be of use to you. However if you really want to up your game, go look at the Follower Technique Series. That’s where all the toys are stuffed.

This video series on walking is quite literally the game changer: 

The package contains all 6 walking systems together in one package plus one more complete walking demo not seen anywhere else.

Part 1 – Parallel System on 2 and 4 Tracks.
Part 2 – Cross System – Step Half-Step Entry & Exit
               Cross System – Weight-Change Step Entry
Part 3 – Lazy Ochos Walking
Part 4 – Inside Snake Walk
Part 5 – Outside Snake Walk
Part 6 – Alternates!
Part 7 – Demonstration!

Learn all 6 ways of walking and bring your dance to a whole other level! Also check out what you can do with these in Walking Turns.

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