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Tango Topics Music Course



The Tango Topics Music Course – Part 1 is your gateway to clearing up your understanding of Tango Music. This product gives you access to the Music Course that comes with a Tango Topics Gold or Diamond Level Subscription.

Part 1 of the Music Course goes starts out with a different way of learning how to hear a beat. You may think you understand how to hear a beat, but you’d be surprised at just how many people either ‘race’ the beat or cannot keep time with the music. This tool helps you to alleviate those two problems and a host of others. Then the Music Course transitions into the single most important tool you will need going forward, learning the Five Pause Types which will quite literally define what you hear, and how you dance, and what you dance to from this point forward. Most people when they start learning the music, use an Eight Count. Tango Topics has discovered that there is another, far more effective tool than counting beats – The Five Pause Types! The rest of the music course uses this as it basis to help you hear this in Tango, Vals, and Milonga, as well learning to hear the Singers. However, the course also starts you on the process of learning your orchestras so that you begin to understand who you’re actually dancing to and why!

The Music Course should take you about 60 days to complete which assumes that you keep at it every day if you don’t, it may take longer. However, hearing the music is only part of the equation, then there’s also what you can do with it for that, you’ll need to subscribe to Tango Topics and study the Music Interpretation Series. That series is not for sale and can only be seen with a Subscription.

– The Course Contains – 

1.) Tango Beat – The very foundation of what we dance to, how to hear it and what to listen for!
2.) The 5 Pause Types – This is probably single most important component to what Tango Topics talks about musically. It is the foundation of interpreting the music. Without this in the equation of your understanding, the rest of what is discussed, shown, and quizzed is impossible to grasp. 
3.) 14 Days of Tango Music (Guided) – A 14 day guided practice of what you’re going to do for the next 30 days afterward! 
4.) Tango Del Dia – Part 1 (30 Days) – 30 days of Tango music, a quiz of 11 questions, that walk you through what you should be hearing in a particular piece of tango music that reinforces tango history, tango musicians, and orchestras, as well as reinforcing the 5 pause types!
5.) Tango Del Dia – Part 2 (16 Days) – 16 Days of hearing the popular singers of Tango Music.