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Embrace & Intention Bundle

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This video series is the bees knees as it were. You can not talk about Tango unless you’re talking about the embrace, which is where it gets it’s ‘sexy’ moniker from. This is a fallacy by the way, the real treat of Argentine Tango is something that the seasoned dancer knows all too well, moving in unison with your partner. The embrace is an illusion. It’s what people make of it. And quite honestly, it’s also one of the hardest things to get absolutely right. This video series covers one of the more important aspects of the embrace, it’s usage with regards to Intention Based Dancing. The embrace isn’t just a construct of place your hands there, place your arms there, and bam…instant embrace. No. The embrace lives, it breathes, it almost (almost) has a life of its own. This video series shows you that ‘life’ and then goes far deeper!

This is an in depth exploration of a Symmetrical (practice), Open Embrace, and Close Embrace structure. Because you can’t talk just about the embrace when talking about tango, you also have to show how they’re used, and so we go into detail on Intention, Body Position and Body Placement (which is a new concept for some people), as well as 4 different arm/hand embrace for the Follower in Close Embrace. This last update to the foundation series was so huge, it needed to be broken up into 7 different sections for clarity purposes, and as a result the price reflects this volume of work.

Sub Section 0 – Intention in Detail.
Sub Section 1 – Symmetrical Embraces (used in practice)
Sub Section 2a – Asymmetrical Embrace Part 1 (lead open embrace)
Sub Section 2b – Asymmetrical Embrace Part 2 (follower open embrace)
Sub Section 3 – Close Embrace (lead and follow)
Sub Section 4 – 3 Follower Arm/Hand Placements
Sub Section 5 – Body Position and Body Placement.