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Social – Single Axis Turns


The Single Axis Turn is Cool. Svelt. The Bees Knees. Elegant. Crisp. Clean. Sharp.

There are several moves that a Lead can pull out of their bag of tricks that separates them from the other Leads around them. This is one of then. If executed perfectly in time to the music, this move screams hardcore drop dead sexy, Yup. You’re cool.

What is a ‘Single’ Axis Turn ? It means that the Lead (or the Follow) will revolve around their partner, around a singular, standing leg as a Single Shared Axis.

However getting to that point means someone has to show you how the hell to do it precisely and with pinpoint accuracy. That’s exactly what this video does. Exacting detail of how to step into the Mordida, as well as the Embrace (Open or Close), as well as clean, clear Follower technique.

This video has it all, and one more thing: How to make this move fit within the line of dance – hence the name, SOCIAL VOCABULARY! While the move can be (operative word ‘can’) flashy, it doesn’t have to be…which is what makes it even more svelt!