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Social Colgadas

What is a Social Colgada ? A ‘Social’ Colgada means that the Colgada itself, when executed takes up no more space than a single lead forward step would within the line and lane of dance.  As to a Colgada ? The word Colgada comes from the root Spanish word “Colgar” which translates to English as “Hang”. The word ‘Colgada’ is the past participle version of the verb Colgar which means ‘ed’, which would translate to English as ‘Hung’, as ‘Hanged’ isn’t all the colloquial. It’s a viable word but has fallen out of use. So in this case we use ‘Hung’. So a ‘Social’ Colgada is move where the Follower (specifically) is in a state where they’re going hang off their Lead, deliberately. Or more specifically, they’re being placed in a position where they’re going to hang. And that’s where we talk about a shared axis, and more importantly balance.

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About The VideoThis video is 29m:09s in length in 12 sections. Both lead and follower technique is combined and integrated in the video.

Introduction – 00:01:04
The Mordida – 00:02:28
Balance & Planking – 00:03:06
The Kickstand – 00:01:41
The 3 Linear Cologadas – 00:03:08
The Circular Colgada – 00:01:40
The Colgada Embrace – 00:02:15
The Step Over Colgada – 00:02:56
The ‘Social’ Colgada – 00:03:03
In The Line Of Dance – 00:03:44
The ‘Whoosh’ Factor – 00:01:39
A Primary Lead Error/End – 00:01:39

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