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Single Axis Turns


Single Axis Turns! This piece of vocabulary is at once ‘cool’ and again, elegant. It can be done in open or close embrace and has loads of variations in to either the open side of the embrace or the closed side of the embrace. It lends itself very well to Sacadas and can be used as the opening to more or further Colgadas and that’s because the Single Axis Turn is from the Colgada family!

The video goes into the details of how to lead and how to follow a Single Axis Turn using 2 examples, from 2 different perspectives at the same time. The examples are the basis for every Single Axis Turn you will want to do, as the technique is exactly the same going forward with every other Single Axis Turn you can think of! Exactly identical!

If you’d like to learn more about the pluses and minuses of Single Axis Turns from a leading and following perspective, go here.

This video is 13:51 in length in HD quality.