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1 Month Intensive – Level 1

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One Month Intensive Study Program focuses on your specific gendered role and delves into the details of cleaning up your dance from the ground up. You will work on your posture through reminders, exercises, and practice. You will be constantly reminded of your embrace (tango haptics). You will be constantly adjusting and changing your walk to greater and greater levels of clarity and cleanliness (again through frequent verbal, visual reminders, and exercises). You will be challenged and pushed to change your dance through this very fast-paced program. This is not for the faint of heart, but you want your quick start, and quick change, this is the program for you!

Technique Covered:
Intention vs. Resistance Based Dancing.
Tango Haptics.

Forward, Side, Back for both roles.
6 ways of Walking.
Walking Turn Navigation
Disassociation/Applied Disassociation.
2 of the 8 types of Ochos (Traveling & Milonguero).
3 of the 8 types of Turns (Follower’s Molinete/Lead Giro, Milonguero Turn, Ocho Cortado).
Leading and Following a Cross
The Golden Nugget of Tango in Close and Open Embrace.
Daily Tango Exercises.

Music Covered:
18 Orchestras, including – Troilo, Canaro, Rodriguez.
Musical Styles – Tango, Milonga, Vals, Tango-Milonga, Tango-Vals, & Foxtrot.
The Study of Beat and Musical Pauses.

History Covered:
Orchestral Tango Music History in a self-guided study process.

Access is NOT Granted to Tango Topics Video & Music Library – You will be expected to purchase a gold, gold madness, or diamond subscription for your continued study during and afterward. Diamond Subscriptions are only available on upon request.

Session structure is usually as follows:

0.) video capture and review (once every 3 weeks).
1.) 20 to 25 minutes of warm-up.
2.) Discussion and review of previous dancing days (milongas and practicas).
3.) 20 to 30 minutes of technique discovery and practical exercise.
4.) Cool down and exercise review.


Sessions are 5 days a week in a dedicated time slot (depending on availability of space).
You will learn to lead OR follow depending on your gendered preference.
Sessions may be added due to availability and the opportunity to work.
You will be expected to do your homework on a daily basis
You will be given assignments that you must complete before your next session.
You must go to at least 2 milongas and/or 3 practicas a week.
I will travel to your location – fares and hostel stay not included in the base price. You will be required to pay for transit to and from your location.
You will be required to find a suitable studio location for us to study for 1.5 hrs, 5 days a week.

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