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Level 3 – Intensive Study


Level 3 Intensive Study Program focuses on the dancing part of the dance in a 1-on-1 format with Miles Tangos. In this series of 12 dancing seminar format sessions you will essentially dance a song or two through a didactic break down the song, phrase it, then dance it as a Lead and as a Follow to see how and where things break apart and how to fix it. With video review of the visual of how you look, how you’re walking, what specifics need to be adjusted continually.

Music Covered:
Applied Musical Phrasing Styles for Tango, Milonga, and Vals
Structured and Ordered Dancing.

Session structure is usually as follows:

0.) review of your progress every week.
1.) 20 minutes of warm-up.
2.) Dance Time.


Sessions are 1 day a week.
You must show up on time.
You must go to at least 2 milongas a week.