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Level 2b – Intensive Study


Level 2b Intensive Study Program focuses on the opposite gendered role in a 1-on-1 format with Miles Tangos. In this series of 18 sessions you will go far deeper into the kinesthetic awareness of the opposite gendered role. If you’re a male lead, then we’ll go deeper into the foundation of the follower’s role of forward, side, back, embrace, disassociation, and applied disassociation, and work it till your following skills are pleasurable to dance with! If you’re a female follower, then it’s time to step up the game to refresh your memory on the 6 ways of walking, ochos, turns, and crosses! You will be pressed to refresh your musical knowledge and now we take it to the next level of phrases and phrasing.

Technique Covered:
Forward, Side, Back – Both roles.
More Agility and Daily Tango Exercises.

Review of 6 ways of Walking.
Review of Disassociation/Applied Disassociation.
2 of the remaining 8 types of Ochos.
5 of the remaining 8 types of Turns.
Volcada and Colgada Structures
Sacadas and The Golden Sacada

Music Covered:
All 18 Orchestras.
Musical Phrases and Phrasing Styles for Tango, Milonga, and Vals
Accent notes, Sincopa, and La Variacion.

Session structure is usually as follows:

0.) video capture and review (once every 2 weeks).
1.) 20 to 25 minutes of warm-up.
2.) Discussion and review of previous dancing days (milongas and practicas).
3.) 20 to 30 minutes of technique discovery and practical exercise.
4.) Cool down and exercise review.


Sessions are 3 days a week.
you will learn to lead, you will learn to follow, regardless of preferred gender.
Sessions may be added due to availability and the opportunity to work.
You will be expected to do your homework on a daily basis
You will be given assignments that you must complete before your next session.
You must show up on time.
You must go to at least 2 milongas and/or 3 practicas a week.