Level 1 – Intensive Study


Level 1 Intensive Study Program focuses on the foundations of tango in a 1-on-1 format with Miles Tangos. In 30 sessions (depending on time), you will be guided through a deep, very detailed, very structured tour of both Lead and Follow foundation. You will be exposed to tango technique, tango music, tango history, and tango codigos. Each class, or as it is formally called – a session, is one and a half hours in length with little breaks in between ideas or movements.

Technique and Vocabulary Covered:
Intention vs. Resistance Based Dancing.
Tango Haptics.

Extensions: Forward, Side, Back – Both roles.
Landing and Foot Placement
Bodily Position and Body Placement
Daily Tango Exercises.

6 ways of Walking.
Walking Turns.
Disassociation/Applied Disassociation.
6 of the 8 types of Ochos.
3 of the 8 types of Turns.
256 types of Argentine Crosses.
The Golden Nugget of Tango.

Music Covered:
18 Orchestras, including – Troilo, Canaro, Rodriguez.
Musical Styles – Tango, Milonga, Vals, Tango-Milonga, Tango-Vals, & Foxtrot.
The Study of Beat and Musical Pauses.

History Covered:
Orchestral Tango Music History in the self-guided study process.

Codigos Covered:
How to ask for a dance.

How to decline a dance.
How to enter the floor.
How to exit the floor.
How to gracefully say ‘no’ in the middle of a song or a tanda.
How to handle pushy Leads, and hanging Followers.

Access is NOT Granted to Tango Topics Video and Music Library. This Must be purchased separately. 

The session structure is usually as follows:

0.) video capture and review (once every 3 weeks).
1.) 20 to 25 minutes of warm-up.
2.) Discussion and review of previous dancing days (milongas and practicas).
3.) 20 to 30 minutes of technique discovery and practical exercise.
4.) Cooldown and exercise review.


Sessions are 3 days a week in a dedicated time slot.
You will learn to lead, you will learn to follow, regardless of preferred gender.
Sessions may be added due to availability and the opportunity to work.
You will be expected to do your homework on a daily basis
You will be given assignments that you must complete before your next session.
You must show up on time.
You must go to at least 2 milongas and/or 3 practicas a week.


There are two fees. The Fee for space, and the fee for the actual intensive. The fees for space are not included in the cost of the intensive and must be paid by the student.