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Foundation – Forward Steps – Lead

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Of the 3 steps for a Lead, this is the one that used the most, and is the most recognizable, it is what defines a Lead and really the visual representation of the couple! For the Lead is the really the only thing that they will spend most of their time on. Making this step look and feel really good is of paramount importance. For the Lead, this is at first all about how it looks, then about how it feels, and ultimately how to control it with greater and greater efficiency. You think you know how to walk forwards, ummm…not. This is a whole different ball of wax. And the reason is that you’ve been stepping forward by bending your knee and lifting your foot off the ground…bad idea when it comes to Tango. This video shows you proper Lead technique on how to generate:

Part 1: Presence.
Part 2: The Lean Forward – ‘Intention’.
Part 3: The Weight Change.
Part 4: Extend the Leg.
Part 4: 3 Kinds of Landings.

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