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Foundation – Forward Steps – Follower


Of the 3 steps for a Follower, this is the one that used the least, and yet for the Follower, it’s quite possibly the sexiest of the 3 steps. At the same time it only happens 4 times in the dance: Forward Ochos, Forward Step of the Molinete, The Ocho Cortado, and in Milonga. It is a rarity that the Follower will walk Forwards independently unless in a ‘walking turn‘ as a navigational element.

This is the step that gets the Follower around their Lead, this is the step that opens the door way to options and opportunities, and this is the step that you quite honestly have to learn how to do. You think you know how to take a Forward step, you don’t. There are 4 parts and each one must be mastered.

Part 1: Presence.
Part 2: Oppose
Part 3: Extend
Part 4: Riding the 5th Metatarsal.

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