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Foundation – Bundle



The Foundation Bundle is all 7 (not 5) videos in one package.  It includes the Following:

1.) “Presence” for Both Roles.
2.) Lead Forward Steps.
3.) Follower Forward Steps.
4.) Side Steps for Both Roles.
5.) Back Steps for Both Roles.
6.) Back Step Corrections.
7.) 3 Daily Exercises.

This package is ideal for anyone that is focusing on the foundations of each role’s 3 primary steps. The video si not about music or patterns, or figures but focuses on the things that you must do from a walking perspective. Why ? Because unlike what you may have heard, Argentine Tango is a walking dance. That means that if you want to ‘dance’, then you must learn how to walk. And that’s where these videos really shine. Tango, contrary to popular belief isn’t about steps and patterns, it’s about the quality of movement and that movement begins with learning how to walk properly. These videos show you exactly how to do that. There are 2 things that are inherently missing from this product. 1.) The kinesthetics involved, no video can show you how something feels. 2.) Alacrity. That there is precision, and rapidity involved here and that’s a whole other argument that is discussed in later videos.

This is the foundation of the dance, walking. Not steps, not patterns, not figures. You must learn how to walk first and foremost. 🙂

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