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Foundation – Back Steps

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This is the primary, quintessential, step for every Follower to learn. It’s also a pretty good one for every Lead to learn as well.

Get this step right and the world is your oyster! Get it wrong and… well, let’s just say you’re going to be sitting for a long, long, long time. The reality is that no matter how pretty shoes are, no matter how lovely the dress is, no matter how pretty the Follower is, the reality is that while those things may get you the dance, it’s your back step that will keep that dance! Because quite honestly the first words out of a Lead’s mouth, at the end of the tanda, will be “Thank you”. And that ‘Thank you’ isn’t a congratulations, it’s a dismissal!

Learning how to extend your leg backwards is absolutely crucial to your success as a Follower and most certainly as a Lead. This video is all about the deep foundational technique for both Lead and Follower “Back Steps“.

Part 1: Presence
Part 2: Pulling the Leg Back as a Single Unit
Part 3: “Licking the floor”
Part 4: Ending with a ‘Ballet Rise‘.

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