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Argentine Volcadas


Volcadas! This is the quint-essential cool move with regards to Argentine Tango. What you may or may not realize is that this move, is all about balance. Further still it is nothing more than a glorified Argentine Cross! Yup. A Cross. The simple fact is that what you’re leading and following is something you do constantly with the dance. The typical (as if there were such a thing) Argentine Volcada is nothing more than a tilted longitudinal axial line (about 20 degrees) argentine cross that just so happens to look insanely cool.

The ‘Social’ Volcada is a volcada that is small, tiny, and fits within the line AND lane of dance. This video shows you the structure of the volcada from a leading and following perspective. It shows you the footwork for the lead, the body balance for the follower, the footwork and legwork for the follower, and then shows you the ‘Social’ variety of the Volcada. And then shows you multiple variations of the Volcada.

This video is 18:22 in length in HD quality.