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Argentine Volcadas


Volcadas! This is the quint-essential cool move with regards to Argentine Tango. What you may or may not realize is that this move, is all about balance. Further still it is nothing more than a glorified Argentine Cross! Yup. A Cross. The simple fact is that what you’re leading and following is something you do constantly with the dance. The typical (as if there were such a thing) Argentine Volcada is nothing more than a tilted longitudinal axial line (about 20 degrees) argentine cross that just so happens to look insanely cool.

This video is 11m:49s in length in HD quality.

Carpa Technique – 00:02:55
Follower Cross Technique Reminder – 00:00:15
Follower Mordida Reminder – 00:00:18
Follower’s Kickstand – 00:01:12
Lead Right Arm/Forearm – 00:01:02
Lead Torso Rotation – 00:01:20
The Lead’s Free Leg – 00:00:27
Follower Posture & Free Leg – 00:03:33
Volcada Details – 00:00:30
Lead Footwork & Steps – 00:00:49
Volcada Demo – 00:00:49