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What is 'Follower Technique'? In its simplest form, it is a series of skills that when put together create a 'dancing platform' for the Follower. This is a platform that the Follower builds into their body through painstaking, detailed, carefully crafted motions that consists of: How to walk forward, side, and/or back; What one's stance or posture should be like and under what conditions it may change; How to embrace and where and why;  What Close Embrace wants to be; What Open Embrace wants to be; Where and how the Follower has to be in relation to their Lead, within the different embrace types ('Close Embrace, Open Embrace, Vee Embrace, Open Vee, Closed Vee, Berlin, etc) so that they're always...always...always in 'front of' their Lead;  How to land the foot; How to extend the leg; Where the knee bend occurs;  Why one would 'open' one's hip and under what conditions;  How to generate a slight open 'v' with the feet, and when, where, and why one would want to do that....just to name a few. For most people when they hear the phrase "Follower Technique" they think 'pretty' feet or most people think of Follower technique as just the Follower's Back Step or a Forward step in the Molinete, and everything else just sort of works.

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