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Course Thesis: In this course we will examine the foundations of tango music at it’s most basic element – The Beat

Course Description: Music‘ in it’s most basic form is really just information. Ordered information really. In this case, tonal information. And if you can hear the tones, then you can and do sort, catalogue, and categorize that tonal information. Believe it or not, your brain has the capacity to hear all that information and to create order from the chaos. The part where you get confused, and it is confusion, is in thinking that one thing is X, and another is Y, or the timing is all off because you’re either a little late or a little early or a little too fast and/or a little too slow. However, you are able to hear the order and make sense of it. Sometimes this requires a little retraining, a little re-tuning, re-calibration. And that’s what this course helps you to change, so that you can hear this stuff going forward each and every time.

Along the way, we go through some examples of what beat is and is not, what an up of off beat is, what the ‘down’ or ‘on’ beat is, what tempo is and is not, and work through a few exercises showing you walking beat along with some video tools to help you reorganize your understanding of what to listen for.

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