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About Miles Tangos

In October of 2006, I began taking Argentine Tango lessons with Daniel Trenner in Northampton, MA. At first I have to be honest with you, I absolutely hated it. It made me feel small, insignificant, and really out of my depth. Daniel talked me into it though and we arranged for me to come back to see him and spend time learning tango. I was living in San Francisco, at the time, and my time with Daniel was originally supposed to be 2 hrs a day, for 2 weeks. Those 2 hrs turned into 6, and those 2 weeks turned into 3 months.

Suffice is said that I obviously fell in love with the dance, I went back home to San Francisco, and then I ate, slept, breathed, and….ummmm well you get the picture, about 12 to 15 hrs every day for almost 2 and a half full years. I gave up my day job to pursue tango full time. I left my friends behind, those who didn’t speak tango, I kinda dissed a bit; those who wanted to speak tango, I introduced to the dance. I stopped going to the things that I used to enjoy. I focused on tango to the exclusion of all else. So much so that there were times when I didn’t eat, I slept in a rental car for months at a time, and went social dancing every night in the hotbed that is tango in the United States: San Francisco (yes I showered every day). I took 6 privates a week from 5 different teachers, went to every class that I could get my hands on, and took many workshops, practiced every day religiously, and generally became a fixture in the tango scene in San Francisco.

When I started, I was the epitome of an addict. I was deep in the middle of my addiction, a disease in of itself for which there is no cure, except more of the disease. Very few people take the path that I took. I believed, at the time, that to do what I did, I felt I had to be fanatical, single-minded, and driven. For without that drive, I never would have achieved what I did in a very short space of time.

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