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Tango Topics Consent.

By ticking the box about terms and conditions, you consent to have your personal information held by TangoTopics for it’s use to operate the subscription service that is TangoTopics. Please see our privacy policy on what we collect and who we share with.

Tango Topics Video Sales Terms & Conditions.

All Sales: All video sales become STALE after 180 days. Meaning that if you want to redownload a video you’ve already purchased after the 180 day period, then you’ll need to repurchase the video.

All Sales: Are Final, no refunds, no backsies. No Exceptions. Ever. Don’t even ask. Also no store credit either.

Tango Topics Subscription Terms & Conditions.

For Gold or Diamond Subscriptions Only: If you want to cancel – You can cancel your registration at any time, but understand that when you cancel you are liable for 1 year of service, immediately. So don’t be surprised when you are billed for the remainder of your fee.

For Gold or Diamond Subscriptions Only: If you want a refund. There are none. All sales of any kind are final.

For Gold or Diamond Subscriptions Only: If you want to pause your service. Please contact me and I’ll pause it for you.

For Milonga Madness: Your subscriptions stop as of Nov. 1st, 2020. No exceptions. This is not my doing. The video release agreement was for that time period alone and is between detlef/melina, and myself. We have to renegotiate the terms of the deal.

For Gold Madness: Your access to Gold level will be active for ONE year from the date of purchase. However, your access to Milonga Madness will stop as as November 1st, 2020. See above note.

For Free Registrations Only: You will not be charged until you subscribe to either gold or diamond level. Your registration gives you access to all the free content on the site that is not open to the general public.

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