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There are over 40 videos here to choose from. They were shot in 2010 for a Tango Bootcamp Seminar over a 6 hr period that turned into a 4 month project. 🙂 It’s only the barest hint of what would become 4 larger projects – Tango Truisms, and Tango Topics are the last of those projects. Get what you can from them, as the information is a bit dated,  and the language isn’t clean or specific (there’s a lot of ‘leader’ this and ‘leader’ that in it), but the structure of the stuff is still pretty good. The visuals are what you’re after. Most of this stuff does focus on what the Follower is doing, there’s a fair amount in there for the Lead as well. This video series has been updated twice (Common Core videos and now Tango Topics). Enjoy.

Foundation –  Forward, Side, Back, Ballet Rises and its usage.
Walking SystemsParallel & Cross System explained and detailed.
Embrace – 4 Embrace videos.
Lazy Ochos – The foundations of the ‘Lazy’ Ocho.
Disassociation – The nature and foundation of disassociation and it’s usage.
Linear Ochos – The foundation of the ‘traveling’ ocho, and every other ocho you know.
Molinete – Foundation of the Follower’s Turn and the Lead’s Giro.
The Argentine Cross – The 1st piece of tango vocabulary.


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