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Today’s #Tango Thought 127: Wood, Cement, and Sprung Dance Floors in Buenos Aires

This is a short tango thought. In Europe, throughout the UK, the Phillipeans, Japan, China, and North America specifically, you are more likely to dance on wood floors, mostly. And as such you’re going to be somewhat expectant that that’s what your experience will be like everywhere else in the world. This is not the case the world over. As time has gone by wood, which was an abundant resources has gotten expensive, and wood flooring … astronomically priced. And dance floors ? Ha! These are even more expensive to put in. It’s cheaper to lay down cement and put tile over it. Tile lasts forever. Wood ? Needs to be maintained.

The toy of choice for most dancers is a ‘SprungFloor! Which is a work of art, science, and pure magic. Sprung Floors are to dancers, what honey is to bees.  A ‘Sprung’ Floor is a dance floor that easily absorbs shocks, giving it a softer feel. Such floors are considered the best available for dance, indoor sports, and physical education. They can easily enhance performance, and greatly reduce injuries on the feet, and most importantly, one’s knees! 

Finding a Sprung Floor in the Tango world ? You’re at the mercy of the Milonga organizer.  You’ll get used to dancing on them very quickly, and come to expect them once you do. However, when you get to Buenos Aires, you’re going to be hit with a very real fact: Almost no wood floors! And a Sprung Floor ? Almost not. There are very few of them (left) to dance on. El Beso, Cachirulo (wood), DNI (wood over cement – top floor), El Yeite (wood over cement), Salon Canning (wood over cement), La Catedral (old sprung), Nuveo Chique, Griecel, La Nacional, La Leonesa , Los Laureles and a few others are the only places that have a wood floor. However, La Catedral’s wood floor isn’t exactly the safest thing on the planet. The floor has seen its better days. And quite possibly is a danger, so let the dancer beware. Salon Canning’s floor was redone a few years ago and is in better shape.

However what you’ll be presented with in Buenos Aires are Parque or Baldosa Tile floors to dance on. They’re hard, cement floors. So if you’re looking for this magical BsAs experience with wooden floors, not so much with that. Villa Malcolm, La Viruta, La Baldosa, etc…all Baldosa tiled floors!  #SocialTango #SocialDance #ArgentineTango #TangoDancing

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