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What do you get ? Access to the full video on Milonga, Milonga Beat in Half Time thru Double-Time, The Habanera Rhythm, Habanera Variations, and Milonga con Traspie for viewing on this website, your tablet, or your phone.

The video is broken up into Sections. Day 1 is in 17 sections, and a has a complete runtime of 1hr and 7m. Day 2 is in 22 sections and has a complete runtime of 1hr and 23m for a total 2 day run time of 2hr and 30m. Each section is playable for easy digesting of the material.

Day One – Part One
introduction/warm up – 00:04:21
explaining milonga – 00:03:55
exploring ‘milonga sentimental’ – 00:03:08
exploring the three milonga speeds – 00:07:31
walking the milonga speeds – 00:06:12
counter-body movement – 00:07:33

Day One – Part Two
the speed contrast – 00:04:15
the symmetrical walking issue – 00:02:11
the double speed example – 00:01:14
the double speed clarity – 00:03:33
the walking dynamic – 00:09:44

Day One – Part Three
floorcraft clarity – 00:04:36
walking oscillation to curving steps – 00:04:18
foot placement for a curving step – 00:06:31
the sideways movement – 00:04:04

Day One – Part Four
wrap up – 00:01:29
the body percussion game (with a purpose) – 00:07:20

Day Two – Part One : Introduction
the warm up – 00:05:04

Day Two – Part Two : Rhythmical Variation – Part One
musical review of the ‘1’, the ‘2’, & the ‘and’ of milonga – 00:04:09
the habanera rhythm broken down – 00:03:08
the ‘1’, ‘2’ habanera exercise – 00:01:28
the 1st rhythmical variation (1,2, And) – 00:02:41
the 1st rhythmical variation exercise – 00:03:02
rhythmical variation – some clarity – 00:01:05

Day Two – Part Three : Rhythmical Variation – Part Two
the 2nd rhythmical variation (1, el glope, 2) – 00:06:07
the variation with the traspie – 00:01:30
the 3rd rhythmical variation (the 332) – 00:05:15

Day Two – Part Four : Traspie – Part One
traspie introduction – 00:05:49
traspie clarity – 00:04:37
traspie example with music – 00:01:09
traspie clarity continued – 00:02:19
traspie & elasticity – 00:06:33
traspie: final advice – 00:01:04

Day Two – Part Five : Traspie – Part Two
traspie – going back to the start – 00:06:51
traspie – the hip issue – 00:04:04
traspie example (no music) – 00:01:50
traspie – a few ‘hints’ – 00:02:46
traspie expanded – 00:03:29

Day Two – Part Six : Wrap Up
Wrap Up – 00:09:03

Terms & Conditions: 

1.) You pay $44.99 today, and you get access to the video series.
2.) This is a one-time purchase only, there will be no further charges.
3.) This video will be online for 2 years from November 2018 to November 2020 for you to access as many times as you like in that time period.
4.) You will have access to this video series only, and the Freemium content of Tango Topics that is available to all users of Tango Topics.
5.) Purchase of this special video series does not grant any other kind of access or discount on any other product or service that Tango Topics or Detlef Engel, & Melina Sedó offers in any way, shape, or form.
6.) Due to our agreement with Detlef and Melina, there will be absolutely no downloads of this video that will be sold in any way, shape, or form, ever.
7.) Your contact data will be shared with Detlef Engel, Melina Sedó and Tango Topics providers for email distribution only for the period of 2 years. You will be sent a monthly email about the new topics for TangoTopics newest videos and articles and announcements, and that’s it.
8.) No credit card information is stored on Tango Topics or with Detlef Engel, & Melina Sedó.

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