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The reality is that you’re not going to want to subscribe. We know that. You want this stuff for free. We get it. And you can easily find most of it on YouTube. Furthermore, it seems like an awful lot of money to pay for what’s freely available on YouTube. Right ?

Here’s the flipside to both of those very valid points.

1.) Finding things on YouTube that are actually from a qualified source, where you’re actually shown the close up of feet, as well as given notes on what to pay attention to, and why things work ? Those videos don’t exist on YouTube. You know where they do exist ? Right here on Tango Topics. Do you know how we know this ? Because we look continuously between shooting more videos for Tango Topics, writing more articles to clarify things for Tango Topics, and putting out a very dense tome that is TangoTopics, we do find time to validate our point. YouTube is a great resource! True. It’s a great panacea of Tango ideas, styles, and musical expressions. But if you actually want to see how and why something works, then the toy of choice is here: Tango Topics. Those things don’t exist on YouTube. You will not find good sound, good lighting, or even close-ups of footwork and legwork. It just does not exist. Period. It exists here. YouTube is good. Tango Topics is Better!

2.) You’re right it’s an awful lot of money. However, if you do the cost breakdown, a private lesson costs you ? $60 to $100 (translate to your local currency). And that hour short lesson you more than likely can’t record the lesson on video, and you have no way to rewind the lesson and stop it and replay it, or of recalling what was said or done other than taking notes! Talk about frustrating. Uuuugh. Now add in multiple private lessons per month, and that cost goes up! And then multiply that times 1 year ? Even at the low end of privates, 60, multiply that times 12 months, and that’s 720.00! And you still have no way to replay the lesson, no way to rewind it, no way to ask questions of the teacher after the fact! Tango Topics gives you that ability and more. Ok, there’s another price point breakdown here. If you’re taking weekly group classes, about 10 to 15 dollars in the hinterlands, and more in the larger cities. So let’s go with the low side > 10 per lesson, which are usually 6 week rotations of material. $60 dollars (again, convert to local currency). You’re still paying 60 at minimum and you still have the same problems as noted above. You have no way to rewind what was said or done. You have no way to take it with you to study with your friend in a private practice session, and you can’t replay it over and over and over again. Now multiply that figure times 7 six week cycles because that’s what you’d do in the span of a year, and you’re still paying way more than what you’d get with TangoTopics.

Done with the sales pitch. Phew. 😉


The Technique Videos! What’s included ? The 6 Ways of Walking, Paradas, Colgadas, The 8 Types of Ochos, The Follower’s Molinete, The Lead’s Molinete, 24 types of Ganchos, 3 families of Boleos, The Golden Sacada, The Golden Nugget, The Milonguero Turn, The Media Luna, and more vocabulary videos than you’ll ever have a chance to go through in 3 months let alone in a year. There’s a tome of information here that you want to go look at. Even if you start today, you’ll never be able to go through them all. The site boasts over 400+ videos in all, fully 1/3 of those are technique videos. Each Topic video is shown from at least 3 angles, with feet close-ups and torso views (usually), as well as detailed explanations from a Null, Open, and Close Embrace perspective! Role Technique is included in nearly every video unless otherwise stated. Each Topic video is anywhere from 10 to 60 min, and some are longer. Usually, they can be downloaded from the TangoTopics Store with a discount against the full price of the video unless it’s already on sale. See the samples below or visit the Samples Page for more!




Follower Technique –  Twenty Two videos on the nature of Follower Technique using the Seven Foundational Moves as the Basis of the video series. This isn’t just step here and step there, it’s far more than that. It’s deep technique work as to how and why you should step, what your foot should look like and how to make it do that! Specific attention and videos were made for the Argentine Cross, The Ocho Cortado, Boleos, The Follower’s Molinete, The Follower’s side of the Milonguero Turn, and much more. Mind you, every video we shoot has Follower Technique built into it. It’s not just for Leads and figures. It’s for Followers who want to understand these figures that they’re being led to!

Leading Technique is one of our better video series as it goes over how to make a Lead look and feel better! From the their embrace to their walk and how to generate a clean, clear, and consistent experience with every Follower they dance with. Every video we shoot goes over the foundations of the steps, but not just steps, but why things work the way that they do. This is far more than here’s a step. But rather, why the step works and how to turn it on it’s ear. Once you understand it, you can make it your own!

Music Video – Level One – You also get access to our music education videos. Learn about the importance of Tango Beat, The 5 Major Pause types, Musical Phrases and Phrasing (there is a difference), as well as Musical structure. With this you’ll also get 14 days of guided Tango Music. One each day!

Music Videos – Level Two goes in depth with the 5 types of Pauses that are common to every piece of tango music. The tool is a 30 Day Test which helps you to retrain you to hear something entirely different, not memorization, but actual listening of pieces of tango music! This is about learning to hear these 5 important ‘markers’ of Tango Music.

Practical Tango Advice – Everyone needs a little help with their dance. Practical Tango Advice is that help that you need to help you to change your dance going forward. Each month a new PTA (as they’re called) will appear, and not just a new video but an article to help you flesh out the details of these ideas and concepts so that you can start to change your dance for the better. These are not step and pattern videos, but a wide range of topics on technique and operational functions of how to do things in a different and more pleasurable way.

Musical Interpretation – 5 sections on how to interpret the music from engaging the 6 Ways of Walking, to applying to very important concepts of Alternation and Symmetry, and then applying this to Ochos, Turns, and Crosses, and then employing the holy grail of Tango: Structure. This is over 8 hrs of video on how to interpret the music. These videos are not sold in the store, and can only be seen via your subscription.  Tango Music & More – As a gift, you are given access to an online archive of about 1000 pieces of Tango Music which represent the 1000 most popular songs that you’ll hear at a Milonga. These are samples at low resolution for study purposes only. They’re not for sale at all. They’re a gift.

Every Subscription Includes:

All 3 Volumes of the original Tango Truisms series, all 1230 of the Tango Truisms that started The Tango Topics site! They’re included at no extra charge with your subscription.

25% off Download Discount – A discount is automatically applied to all videos and video bundles from the tango store, no codes to remember, and nothing to enter, just instant discount!! How cool is that ? 


1.) You’ll be charged $339.99 for one year. If you decide to cancel, you can, but you’ll still have access for the term of service. See next point.

2.) There are No Refunds in any way, shape, or form. If you are unhappy with the service, you must either complete your contract or buy it out. So please be careful when you press the button below, and make absolutely certain that you want to purchase this service which you agree to before you press the button. 🙂 

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