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you get access to all the features of Gold Level + access to Milonga Madness with Detlef & Melina!
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What's Included

Everything in Gold Level – PLUS

Milonga Madness with Detlef & Melina: Quite possibly the finest Milonga workshop…ever! It’s 2.5 hours in length and goes over the Milonga Beat, The Habanera Rhythm, and The Habanera Rhythmical Variations, and Milonga con Traspie and how to use it all. All to get you up and running with Milonga Immediately!

The video is broken up into Sections. Day 1 is in 17 sections, and a has a complete runtime of 1hr and 7m. Day 2 is in 22 sections and has a complete runtime of 1hr and 23m for a total 2 day run time of 2hr and 30m. Each section is playable for easy digesting of the material.

Day One – Part One
introduction/warm up – 00:04:21
explaining milonga – 00:03:55
exploring ‘milonga sentimental’ – 00:03:08
exploring the three milonga speeds – 00:07:31
walking the milonga speeds – 00:06:12
counter-body movement – 00:07:33

Day One – Part Two
the speed contrast – 00:04:15
the symmetrical walking issue – 00:02:11
the double speed example – 00:01:14
the double speed clarity – 00:03:33
the walking dynamic – 00:09:44

Day One – Part Three
floorcraft clarity – 00:04:36
walking oscillation to curving steps – 00:04:18
foot placement for a curving step – 00:06:31
the sideways movement – 00:04:04

Day One – Part Four
wrap up – 00:01:29
the body percussion game (with a purpose) – 00:07:20

Day Two – Part One : Introduction
the warm up – 00:05:04

Day Two – Part Two : Rhythmical Variation – Part One
musical review of the ‘1’, the ‘2’, & the ‘and’ of milonga – 00:04:09
the habanera rhythm broken down – 00:03:08
the ‘1’, ‘2’ habanera exercise – 00:01:28
the 1st rhythmical variation (1,2, And) – 00:02:41
the 1st rhythmical variation exercise – 00:03:02
rhythmical variation – some clarity – 00:01:05

Day Two – Part Three : Rhythmical Variation – Part Two
the 2nd rhythmical variation (1, el glope, 2) – 00:06:07
the variation with the traspie – 00:01:30
the 3rd rhythmical variation (the 332) – 00:05:15

Day Two – Part Four : Traspie – Part One
traspie introduction – 00:05:49
traspie clarity – 00:04:37
traspie example with music – 00:01:09
traspie clarity continued – 00:02:19
traspie & elasticity – 00:06:33
traspie: final advice – 00:01:04

Day Two – Part Five : Traspie – Part Two
traspie – going back to the start – 00:06:51
traspie – the hip issue – 00:04:04
traspie example (no music) – 00:01:50
traspie – a few ‘hints’ – 00:02:46
traspie expanded – 00:03:29

Day Two – Part Six : Wrap Up
Wrap Up – 00:09:03

The Technique Videos! You get access to over 400+ videos on Tango Topics ideas on Tango Technique. These aren’t step/pattern/figures videos, but a deep and very thorough presentation of what a topic is and more importantly why things work the way that they do. Each Topic video is shown from several angles, with feet close-ups and torso views (usually), as well as detailed explanations from a Null, Open, and Close Embrace perspective! Role Technique is included in nearly every video unless otherwise stated. Each Topic video is anywhere from 20 to 60 min., and usually, they can be downloaded from the TangoTopics Store with a discount against the full price of the video unless it’s already on sale. See the samples below or visit the Samples Page for more!

Music Video – Level One – You also get access to our music education videos. Learn about the importance of Tango Beat, The 5 Major Pause types, Musical Phrases and Phrasing (there is a difference), as well as Musical structure. With this you’ll also get 14 days of guided Tango Music. One each day!

Music Videos – Level Two goes in depth with the 5 types of Pauses that are common to every piece of tango music. The tool is a 30 Day Test which helps you to retrain you to hear something entirely different, not memorization, but actual listening of pieces of tango music! This is about learning to hear these 5 important ‘markers’ of Tango Music.

Preview Content – Every month there are at least 2 to 4 new Topics videos, and a few new tango Definitions, and Tango Thoughts on the subject of Social dancing and Social tango as a whole.  As a subscriber, you get preview access to those articles and videos BEFORE they’re publicly available!

Musical Interpretation – 8 sections on how to interpret the music from engaging the 6 Ways of Walking, to applying to very important concepts of Alternation and Symmetry, and then applying this to Ochos, Turns, and Crosses, and then employing the holy grail of Tango: Structure. This is over 3 hrs of video on how to interpret the music. These videos are not sold in the store, and can only be seen via your subscription.

Tango Music & More – As a gift, you are given access to an online archive of about 1000 pieces of Tango Music which represent the 1000 most popular songs that you’ll hear at a Milonga. These are samples at low resolution for study purposes only. They’re not for sale at all. They’re a gift.

Practical Tango Advice – Everyone needs a little help with their dance. Practical Tango Advice is that help that you need to help you to change your dance going forward. Each month a new PTA (as they’re called) will appear, and not just a new video but an article to help you flesh out the details of these ideas and concepts so that you can start to change your dance for the better. These are not step and pattern videos, but a wide range of topics on technique and operational functions of how to do things in a different and more pleasurable way.

Bootcamp Videos – As part of your subscription, you also have access to the original series of Bootcamp videos which started everything. While these are almost 10 years old at this point, there’s still a valuable amount of information contained in them. The language has changed dramatically, as has the depiction of these ideas and concepts but it’s still a good resource. Many have been dramatically updated.

Every Subscription Includes:

All 3 Volumes of the original Tango Truisms series, all 1230 of the Tango Truisms that started The Tango Topics site! They’re included at no extra charge with your subscription.

25% off Download Discount – A discount is automatically applied to all videos and video bundles from the tango store, no codes to remember, and nothing to enter, just instant discount!! How cool is that ?

Terms & Conditions

1.) You will be billed immediately for $411.99.
2.) Your service will start immediately.
3.) There are No Refunds in any way, shape, or form, so think carefully before you press ‘buy’.
4.) You will have access to Day 1 and Day 2 of the Milonga Madness video series that was shot in Boston in February of 2018 with Detlef and Melina and have access to the video until our contract with them is up on November 1st, 2020.
5.) Once your contract is up, your service will stop 1 year from the date your service started from.
6.) You will have access to all materials in the tangotopics archive for 1 year. Once you’ve paid you will not have to pay for access to any other service, unless specifically offered. Anything in the subscribers area of the site you have access to without restriction. There are no further charges to access the gold level users content.
7.) There are No Downloads of any content in any way, shape, or form. If you want to download something you can purchase it from the tangotopics store at a 25% discount from the retail price. 

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