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diamond level – $99.99 per month

This membership level is the epitome of the kitchen sink. it’s the gold level, on steroids! take a look at the last 2 features. either one is enough to make you think twice! 


Preview Content – Access to articles BEFORE they’re released.

Technique Videos – Tango Topics Technique Videos on Foundation, Lead Technique, Follower Technique, Embrace,  6 ways of Walking, 6 kinds of Ochos, 8 kinds of Turns, 256 Crosses, Countless Sacadas, and More Social Vocabulary than you can count! Videos on top of videos, and more  + 1 new one per month and more to come! PLUS the Golden Nugget of Tango Series!

Bootcamp Videos – The original video series that used to sell for 100.00 and was given to all participants, created in 2010 on the foundation of the dance to help any one start on the path of tango. Over 40 Videos in all, this series is the forerunner to the Common Core Videos.

Common Core Videos – This was the Intensive archive of about 200+ selected items that is pared down 20+ items videos on technique, vocabulary, music, philosophy. This series is the precursor to today’s Tango Topics Technique Videos.

Situation Videos – A New Series of Situational help videos that target very specific issues and areas from a leading perspective an following perspective, as well as covering a wide rage of topics. 1 new video each month. – “What Happens In The Case Of…”

All 3 Volumes of Tango Truisms.

All Videos Immediately

100% off Download Discount – Every video, no matter where you are, is yours…100% free to download. No purchasing, the discount is offered immediately when you go to the store and check out. No codes to enter, no special this or that, just click, and download…enjoy! 

No refunds or cancelling in any way, shape, or form. Be careful when you press the button, and make absolutely certain that you want to purchase this service.

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