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WHIC – The Lead Back Step Issue


The issue here is really clear. But for those of you that are living under a rock or your teacher hasn’t beaten this into your heads yet, then this topic is for you. And while it’s not a sexy topic, it’s an insanely practical one that you need to make part of your understanding Today going forward. The issue ? A good portion of Leads, while they may not realize they’re doing this, are creating a huge problem in terms of floorcraft and navigation: Taking a step backwards in the line of dance!

However, stepping backwards is only one piece of the problem. The other piece is stepping out of your lane of dance. So that we’re clear here, backwards is a navigational problem, stepping out of your lane is a floorcraft issue. And you want nothing to do with either. Both are equally a rather nasty problem and it’s these two co-combined problems (usually in the same lead) that create less than desirable floorcraft for dancing with the rest of the room. It’s a nightmare to dance in this environment when you have leads all over the line, and out of their respective lanes of dance, invoking vocabulary everywhere that rightfully has no business being there. But because no one has said anything to you about it, and reinforced this idea in you, you don’t see this as an issue. But it is a problem for every couple behind you and your partner.

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