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WHIC – The ‘Italian’ Solution


(from The ‘Italian’ Solution WHIC Post)

“Tango presents many challenges from it’s walk, to the vocabulary, and then the music, but none more challenging than the many issues that stem from an embrace just isn’t working for one of the two partners. Frequently it’s the Lead that generates these issue through too much compression, and/or (at the same time) asking for ‘resistance’ from their Follower so that they can ‘feel’ the Follower’s movements. This is of course a fallacy but those leads that enjoy this way of moving don’t know that, nor will they ever until they walk a few miles in a Follower’s shoes and have this done to them. It’s generally at that point that one of two things happens for them, 1.) they have a new found appreciation for all of the Follower’s that they’ve danced with, and/or (it’s both sometimes) 2.) they realize that they’re generating this problem and they need to stop. This is usually the evolution of the Lead at this point. However, in today’s WHIC posting, this is not necessarily about the Lead, but rather about the Follower, and an issue that comes up for them in The ‘Italian’ Solution.”

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