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Turns – Walking Turns


A staple of Argentine Tango is the Turn, and while there are 8 kinds of turns: Open Embrace Molinete, Close Embrace Molinete, Milonguero Turn, Ocho Cortado, Rock Steps, Colgada Turns, Single Axis Turns, and the Anti-Molinete, one turn that is not on this list is The Walking Turn. And the reason it’s not on the list is that done improperly it can easily create a navigational hazard!

At the same time, it should be the very first turn that every Lead learns but doesn’t, for the reason above. Instead they’re taught the Molinete which is a very complex turn for an absolute beginner to learn. Further more they’re dropped into the deep end of the pool as it were, with regards to the embrace, to the music, and then floorcraft…good gosh. It’s enough to drive most people mad! From a Follower’s perspective they’re immediately supposed to grasp the finer points of the ‘Grapevine Turn’, and in specific disassociation and applied disassociation,  and the embrace, their walk, and a host of other things. There is a much simpler precursor to that mishegas – The Walking Turn!

What is a Walking Turn ? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A Turn that walks in a very tight and small circle within the lane and line of dance without disrupting it at all! Easier said, than done for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the relationship of the couple dancing. It requires both partners to actually listen to each other, it also requires them to have some level of mastery over their walk. From a Leading perspective the Lead must have mastered the important skills of Intention Based Dancing, and Proprioception! From a Following perspective this is all about Follower Technique on steroids!

What is included ? This video explores, and delves deep into the applied walk (without technique), and then integrates the six walking systems into The Walking Turn. As well as integrating the 5 types of the embrace, all the while integrating the most important parts – the partner relationship, as well as intention based dancing! This video goes into extensive detail on how to generate The Walking Turn, what it looks like, issues of floorcraft (which almost no one talks about), of course the 6 ways of walking and examples of each with regards to the turn, how to follow the turn without sacrificing the relationship, close ups of footwork for both roles, what a follower must do in their backstep. There’s a ton of detail contained in this ONE HOUR of all new video that each role can both benefit from!

What is not covered in this video ? Lead walking technique, nor Follower walking technique. For that stuff, you really want to go get the Foundational Videos!

Pre-Requisites: It is assumed that you understand walking systems and that you have a complete understanding of your foundation and your embrace work. Don’t assume that you’ve got this simply because you understand parallel and cross system. You don’t. THere are 6 ways of walking, and all 6 are explored here and then exploited! If you are uncertain about your understanding of these things, these videos below will help you with that process. Please understand these videos are not here to sell you more soap, but rather to further and deepen your clarity around these very important topics. Please purchase/review the following videos: