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Walking – Parallel System

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Parallel Walking System. What does that mean ? It means stepping or walking on opposite feet with your partner. Lead left to Follower Right, and Lead Right to Follower Left. Honestly, when it comes right down to it, there’s absolutely no reason in the world that a Follower needs to know about what walking system that the Lead is employing, and that’s because their walk never changes. The Lead’s walk changes in response to their vocabulary choices, but quite honestly, the Follower’s walk never changes, ever.

Why do you need to learn it ? The simplest answer is because a great deal of errors can and do crop up. Like for instance specifically how far from the Follower’s foot does the Lead’s need to be ? Where specifically the Lead wants to step in relation to the Follower.  Still another reason that we play with Parallel Walking is that there are 2 flavors of it! 2 Track Walking, 4 Track Walking and believe it or not, both walking systems open up doors, if you will, to other options and opportunities. And one more reason, every piece of Tango Vocabulary has a Parallel Walking version, along with a Cross System variant.

What’s Included ?

Lead Technique for 2 Track Walking.
Lead Technique for 4 Track Walking.
Close up of Foot dynamics and Foot Placement.

Lead walking technique is NOT included.